Company History

  • February 2016

    Huitian received the GMP certification from the CFDA for its new plasma production facility in Xi’an.
  • October 2015

    China Biologic increased its equity interest in Guizhou Taibang to 81.81% through a series of capital injections.
  • October 2015

    Shandong Taibang’s newly built branch plasma collection facility in the Shanting District of Zaozhuang City, which is operated under Ningyang plasma collection station, obtained its operating permit and commenced operation.
  • August 2015

    Guizhou Taibang entered into a cooperation agreement with Xinjiang Deyuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd., and its controlling shareholder, pursuant to which Xinjiang Deyuan agreed to sell to Guizhou Taibang no less than 500 tonnes of source plasma in batches over the next three years.
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